Dirty Dining

Restaurant challenges health inspector's report

CREATED Apr 10, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - When the health inspector visited Shahrazad Restaurant last week, he found five violations in the Oakland Ave. establishment. But the restaurant owner claims the inspector did not get it right, and has challenged the inspection.

The inspector found five violations and issued a fine of $107.
Problems included raw chicken, beef and shrimp being stored on top of cooked food, one of the kitchen staff was not wearing a hair restraint, and seven different areas of the restaurant were "overdue for cleaning."
But the big problem was a cold salad bar not kept cold enough. Food registered 47 to 51 degrees when it should have been 41 or lower.
A manager told DIRTY DINING he was challenging the salad bar issue, as the food was still considered safe.
A spokesperson for the Milwaukee Health Department confirms the inspection has been appealed and is under review.