Difficult finding rooms for Harley's 110th

CREATED Aug 18, 2013

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WAUKESHA - Paul Running chose Price Pointe Inn in Waukesha because he can easily hop on his motorcycle and get on the expressway. He’s from Hartland and doesn’t live too far away, but he said this hotel offers more than a place to stay. It also has live music and food for the guests.

“Each weekend now before the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary they have events going on and rides and such,”explained guest Paul Running. “I’m just enjoying the summer.”
The hotel has 23 rooms. 20 of them are filled with Harley riders who’ll attend the 110th Anniversary celebration.
The hotel manager told TODAY’S TMJ4 that some guests made their reservations as early as March. He said they expect this place to be booked solid for the big event.
“We have a big turnout going on for the Harley weekend,” said hotel employee Andrew Joseph. “We have three rooms left. So get them while they’re hot.”
Joseph explained that he heard hotels as far away as Johnson Creek are also getting filled up. But Paul Running said he’s found the perfect spot. It’s just far enough that he can still enjoy a nice ride to Milwaukee on his bike.
“The anniversary celebration means a lot. I’ve been to the 100th, the 105th, and this will be the 110th now. I’ve got all my badges. It’s just a very exciting time here,” noted Running.
The hotel manager told TODAY’S TMJ4 that even though they only have three rooms available, they’re not planning on increasing the prices just because of the big celebration coming up in a few weeks.