Despite warm-up, harsh winter leaves frozen wake in McKinley Marina

CREATED Apr 11, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Plenty of folks might be heading outside this weekend, but they won't be heading out on the water.  

The effects of Milwaukee's worst winter in decades continues to affect the area; ice still surrounds many docks and the channels.  

The ice - by some measurements still up to a foot thick - has frozen and spring plans for boating, sailing and fishing.

 "It's frustrating for our members," explains Daniel Couillard, dock master at Milwaukee Yacht Club. "We have about 900 boats in our harbor and South Shore Yacht Club also."

 Couillard expects the marina to be fully operational by the middle of next month.  

Recreational boats aren't the only ones stuck in neutral: the US Coast Guard today was trying to find a way to service the navigation signals along the harbor.