Police locate Grafton shooting suspect

CREATED Apr 21, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 28, 2014

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UPDATE: Joseph Torres,16, was located and taken into custody on Saturday, April 26, the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office said Monday.

He was seen by a retired Mequon police officer walking on Covered Bridge Road near Pleasant Valley Road in the Town Of Cedarburg. Torres was detained until deputies arrived. 

Deputies said Torres' identity was confirmed and he was turned over to Juvenile authorities. He is being held in secure detention.


GRAFTON - The search is on for a teenager who police say is "armed and dangerous." 

They believe Joseph Torres, 16, opened fire at his home near Lakefield Road and Green Bay Road, in Grafton. It happened Monday around 10:30 a.m.
"When we heard what was going on, it was very upsetting," says Casey Stepnik, who lives nearby. "This is a very family-friendly, quiet community. You never think something like that could happen so close to home."
According to investigators, Torres fired a gun at his sister's ex-boyfriend, who came to the house and got in a heated confrontation with her. Torres then took off with the gun.
Ozaukee Sheriff's Deputies immediately put out a warning. The manhunt forced schools in Cedarburg to go on lock down for most of the day. Parents received email and text message alerts from the School District.
"A lot of things go through your mind," says Paula Cook, who had a son on lock down at Thorson Elementary. "It's scary. I was driving, and thought immediately, do I need to get to the school? That was my first impulse. But, I knew I needed to wait for further news to come through on what was happening. Luckily, my son was in good hands."
At the end of the school day, kids were released from their classrooms without incident, But Torres is still no where to be found.
Families hope that changes very soon.
"Anytime you have young people and guns involved, it's not a good situation," says Cameron Cook. "The sooner we get him apprehended, the better."
The man who Torres shot at, was not injured. But he is in police custody for the domestic incident that police say prompted Torres to fire his weapon.