Demolition crew brings down Mitchell School gymnasium

CREATED Mar 12, 2014

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RACINE - The shell of the Mitchell School gymnasium came crashing down Wednesday morning.

Heavy machinery plucked bricks from this historic building.  It is one of the oldest in the Racine Unified School District.  Fire destroyed part of the school two weeks ago. 
"My husband went here," said Amelia Langdon, who lives in the neighborhood.  "What a mess."
EXTRA: Scroll through the photo gallery above for more shots from the demolition
Linda Bednar came to the school in hopes of grabbing a rubble souvenir for her granddaughter.  Taking a piece of debris was not allowed, so she settled for photos.  Her granddaughter attends Mitchell School.
"She was worried about the stuff in her locker," Bednar said.  "She said she has some shoes and backpack."
The elementary side will remain closed for the rest of the school year.  The junior high half is set to reopen next week.  
"We are working with the appropriate groups, fire marshal, all the appropriate people to make sure that building is structurally sound, safe," said school district spokesperson Stacy Tapp.  "All of the toxins that may have been in there are cleared out."