Democratic candidate for governor Hulsey receives death threat

CREATED May 6, 2014 - UPDATED: May 6, 2014

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MADISON - Candidate for Governor Brett Hulsey was expecting attention when he dressed up like a confederate soldier and planned to bring KKK hoods to the state Republican convention.    

"Some people took offense to that," Hulsey said.
He wasn't expecting death threats.
"I got a death threat into my office over the weekend.  We submitted it to Capitol police for an investigation yesterday." 
The Department of Administration confirms they have an open investigation into the threat made into Hulsey's office at the capitol.  The person left a voicemail telling Hulsey to watch his back.
"Which is really kind of dumb.  We have caller ID," Hulsey said. 
Hulsey usually travels around the state campaigning by himself, but says he is taking safety precautions.
"I'm not posting my travel schedule anymore." 
Hulsey explains he knows there are going to be heated disagreements in politics, but no one should be threatened.
"This is not worth killing or dying for.  This is about how do we come together to create a better  place," Hulsey said.