Delafield bridal shop offers free dresses to military brides

CREATED Jul 14, 2014

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DELAFIELD --  A Delafield bridal shop is making the dreams of some military brides come true. The store’s owner is happy to give away some of her best dresses - for free!

Taylor Gilmour hopes to take her fiance Tony's breath away when she walks down the aisle. This Army fiancée was all smiles after trying on the first gown, which she says, is a contender.

"Oh, it means everything,” says Gilmour. "I'm really excited, because I probably wouldn't be able to have a dress that's super fancy or beautiful if I didn't have this opportunity."

Aeva Wedding & Party teamed up with Brides Across America to give away a free wedding gown to every military bride who walks through the doors. Jill Vento, of Aeva, says it's her dad, a World War II veteran, who inspired her to do this.

“The sacrifices that service people make for our country - we thought that this would be a way to be a part of that," says Vento.

Each bride, and each story, is unforgettable.

“Last year, we had a couple of brides getting married, and the next day, were shipping out. It kind of pulls on your heartstrings a little bit. It makes what our service men are doing a little more real," adds Vento.

As for Taylor, she will walk down the aisle in her free gown next September.