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Dead tree comes alive inside Milwaukee church

CREATED Apr 17, 2014

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Could the faithful at the Mother of Good Counsel Parish in Milwaukee be witnessing a sign from above?

Many say yes after a dead tree on the church grounds was cut down and brought inside the sanctuary for the Lenten season.

One of our primary symbols of Lent is the barren branch and it reminds us of how barren we are at Lent before we come to the season of Easter," School Principal Regina Shaw explains.

Then, something happened that no one expected at the northwest side Milwaukee church. The deceased tree began to sprout.

The tree sits inside the the church with beautiful blossoming buds.

People are stunned.

Rebecca Scholz Director of Religious Education says the sight excite the students.

"They're like, 'From all of our science classes, this is not possible.' They are just amazed."

Shaw adds, "It's shocking when  you look at it. This is a tree that was completely barren most of last summer."

As the fallen tree continues to blossom the faithful say they are not searching for an explanation.

"I think it's more about a moment of awe and grace during lent. Especially it's all about God's mercy and awe, " Scholz adds.

"Something like this just represents the miracles that happen during Lent. Especially with the resurrection and the bringing of new life."

One thing is for certain. those attending Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church and School will have quite the Easter story to tell for quite some time.