Dead animals left in Hales Corners parking lot

CREATED Apr 30, 2014

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HALES CORNERS -- A radio station in Hales Corners is, once again, dealing with a disturbing discovery.

It’s a gruesome scene - eight dead squirrels and two dead rabbits.

John Laimon was driving to work when he saw the sight. Believe it or not, animal carcasses have been left here before.

“It's happened in the past at least 5 times," radio host John Laimon said.

Laimon hosts a local outdoors radio show. He said he doesn't think there's a connection between the hunting and fishing show, and the dead animals.

There are surveillance cameras in the building's parking lot, but the program director said they didn't capture the person on camera.

What he saw was gruesome. One of the squirrels had a plastic zip tie around the neck.

Hales Corners Police are investigating. They haven't gotten any other reports like this in the past. Still, Laimon hopes whoever's doing this, stops.

"Uh, the first time, very upset. Then, it 'just kept irking me more and more,” Laimon said.

Police don't know if the animals are road kill, or if someone's killing them on purpose. Laimon doesn't believe this is the act of a true hunter.

“It’s not what a true sportsman would do. He would eat it, use it, at best cause and effect. He wouldn't just kill an animal to kill an animal," Laimon said.

Police tell TODAY’S TMJ4 it's too soon to say if the person doing this this broke any laws.