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Dangerous police shootout captured on video

CREATED Dec 2, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec 2, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - This video illustrated how dangerous the streets are for officers. Witnesses told the I-Team they heard more than twenty shots being fired. Some of the neighbors in the Sherman Park area even talked to the gunman who was determined to get away.

Video captured by a home surveillance camera showed a Milwaukee Police officer caught in the middle of a gun battle. In the video you can see the officer slip on some ice as he tries to seek shelter. At one point the officer hid behind a tree. Police say a 24 year-old man was shooting back at the officer the entire time.

“Yes, it was definitely a lot of shots that rang out,” said Marvin Henderson.

His mother’s house backs up to the alley near 46th and Keefe Avenue. When the I-Team returned to the scene on Monday we found several broken windows to an SUV. The flying bullets from Saturday morning’s shootout shattered the glass.

In the video you can see a man walking down the alley before the shots are fired. Police say this man was running from officers after they tried to pull him over blocks away.

One neighbor pulled into her driveway and found the man hiding in her backyard. She confronted the man and told him to leave. That woman had no idea this man wanted by police or he was carrying a gun. Neighbors are thankful the gunman didn’t turn on the woman.

“Yeah that was nothing but God. I guess it wasn’t her time. She was blessed,” explained Henderson.

Police say the man shot first at officers. Several bullets hit a police squad car. Two officers then returned fire. Witnesses describe this as a true gun battle with more than two rounds going off.

“He shot at police so they were doing their job,” said Henderson.

Amazingly the gunman was the only one injured. This is the third officer involved shooting in less than three weeks in the city.

Last month the I-Team investigated the violence in Milwaukee. We showed how shootouts are not that uncommon.


The gunman was wanted in connection to a gas station robbery and was a felon in possession of a firearm. He did survive the shooting and is awaiting charges.