DPW warns of imposter utility workers

CREATED Nov 14, 2013

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MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Department of Public Works sent out a notice to the public, warning of imposter utility employees. Two incidents on Milwaukee’s south side on Wednesday led to this action.

A man claiming to be a water utility employee gained entrance to a woman’s house on South 14th Street saying he had to check the water meter. While he was in the basement of the house, a second man approached the door claiming to be a water utility employee offering a $50 rebate to the woman because she was a senior citizen. He said that he could give her the money if she could break a $100 bill. When she said that she had no money in the house, both men left. Neither man carried identification.

The woman called Milwaukee Water Works. A supervisor explained that all utility employees carry I.D. and that the utility does not offer rebates. The woman was advised to contact the Milwaukee Police Department.

A second woman who lives on South 34th Street was approached by two men who offered to replace her water meter for $50. When she asked for identification, the men said they had left their I.D. in the truck. She did not let them enter her house.

The Department of Public Works asks you to be careful if someone you don’t recognize comes to your door. Always ask for identification. Legitimate workers will be happy to show you an I.D. card. If you believe you are confronted by an imposter, call the police.