Crossed phone lines lead to confusion at local spa

CREATED Dec. 3, 2013

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Phone lines have crossed sending hundreds of angry Walmart callers to a spa in Mukwonago. And the strangest thing is no one can figure out why this is happening.

It's been anything but business as usual for Woodhouse Day Spa in Mukwonago. Kimberly Price says it all started Friday morning.

Kimberly Price: "We started checking the voicemail and it was just one after the other for Walmart."

That's right -- Walmart. The black friday bohemoth had a deal on televisions, nationwide. But aparently, there were some problems. And when customers complained?

Kimberly Price: "They were given a number to call and that number essentially was ours."

Call after call after call.

Kimberly Price: "Roughly 500 to 600 calls."

And nobody knows where the problem lies. The Walmart number is an 800 number. The spa is a local 262. A representative from Walmart said they apologize for any inconvenience and they're working to address the situation for customers.

Kimberly Price: "We feel so badly for them. There's nothing worse than having something like this and having no one to go to, so our heart goes out to them. As far as our clients, we just want them to call us back."