Criminal charges against DNA profile for luxury auto part thefts

CREATED Apr 15, 2014

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WAUKESHA - It has the makings of a primetime crime drama script: a cold case, luxury cars, DNA evidence and criminal charges against a mystery suspect.

Investigators believe blood stains left behind prove the same person stole auto parts from several Waukesha County dealerships.
Tires and rims gone.  SUVs left on blocks.  Windows smashed.  Blood left on a center console.  
Police do not know who is responsible by name.  But, because of that blood, they say they do know who is responsible by DNA.  
Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel filed criminal charges not against a person, but against a lengthy DNA profile of letters and numbers provided by the state crime lab.
"What we've done is charged the DNA profile as a John Doe to freeze the statute of limitations," Schimel told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.  "The crime lab will routinely check this against the data banks to see if this person has turned up."
Based on the linked blood evidence, authorities believe the same person stole from at least three dealerships.  
At Wilde Auto Group in Waukesha, an employee found a Lexus window shattered and two seat mounted television screens removed in July 2012.  
In June 2013, the fence was cut at Boucher Cadillac in Waukesha.  The wheels on two Cadillac Escalades were gone.  
At Crest Cadillac in Brookfield in November 2012, a thief ripped tail lights off an Escalade causing more than $4,500 in damage.
Managers at all three dealerships declined to comment on the case.