Crews work to prevent flooding on Milwaukee's streets

CREATED Feb 19, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Southeast Wisconsin is finally seeing some warmer temperatures; but with the warmth comes melting snow and the risk of flooding on city streets.  In addition, rain is in the forecast for Thursday.  

So city crews have been working proactively to minimize any problems that may result.
"We have had all our crews go to the low lying areas, intersecting streets, and residential areas to uncover catch basins," said Bob Brooks, Sewer Service Manager with the City of Milwaukee. 
Sanitation crews have also been called in to help. 
"Sanitation has been plowing all main streets from curb to curb to minimize ponding."
Homeowners can do their part too. 
"If they know where a catch basin is, we'd deeply appreciated it if they'd go out and uncover them.  We have about 55,000 catch basins in the city of Milwaukee," said Brooks. 
A call center is also being staffed to help deal with reports of flooding and additional crews will be on hand Thursday if there are any problems.