Crews clean up, victims recover after surprising icy night on roads

CREATED Apr 15, 2014

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WEST ALLIS -  The day after a spring snowstorm took Southeast Wisconsin drivers by surprise, people involved in those accidents were trying to pick up the pieces.  Many arrived at a West Allis towing company, eager to see in the light of day just what happened in the dark Monday night.

Chris Kuznacic of Sheboygan and his girlfriend Niki Burczyk of Menomonee Falls were driving home after a Brewers loss when something far worse happened.
"And we hit the black ice and um, kind of fish tailed around and ran right into the median," said Burczyk.
The two spent the next eight hours in the emergency room.

“My feet, they’re both fractured and just putting pressure on this one hurts," said Burczyk.

Their SUV is now in this lot.  It's one of many left badly damaged due to icy conditions and multi-vehicle crashes on I-94 and on Highways 43 and 45.

“I think that the suddenness of the weather change, it really caught people off guard," said Inspector Eric Severson with the Waukesha County Sheriff's department.

Inspector Severson says the worst of it hit from 9:30p to midnight. That's when 911 calls came flooding in.

"911 what is the location of the emergency? I-94 westbound, there’s about five cars in an accident and we’re one of them., and are you west of Calhoun? Yep.” 

As the freeway shut down in spots, tow truck drivers were kept busy, pulling cars out of ditches and away from collisions. 

"It looked a war zone out there," said J.J. Sancinati of N & S Towing.

Scott Bailey with J & J Towing South also helped out, "I seen debris all over the highway, uh, cars were scattered all over drastically.”

Bailey snapped pictures from the scene along I-94 and Mayfair Road, one of the worst of the Monday night pileups.

Despite losing his vehicle temporarily, Chris Kuznacic is trying to remain positive. 

“I’m just glad that ya know we both still have our lives, ya know, that’s the most important thing," said Kuznacic.

The Sheriff's department reports no serious injuries resulted in any of the Monday night pileups.