Cows from around the state compete in State Fair dairy competition

CREATED Jul 31, 2014

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WEST ALLIS - Paige Nelson of Elsworth has always dreamed of being a winner at the Junior Dairy Show at the State Fair. Her heifer Amanda got second place in her cow's age group.

“We just get along well I guess, work as a team, we kinda are one when we’re together in the show ring,” Paige explains.

So what do the judges look for in a prized dairy cow?

Derek Thorgerson is from Jump River, and has been showing cows for years.  He demonstrates, “The ribs—nice and open like right here—you want to get as many fingers between the ribs as possible.”

Derek is proud of his cow Raino. "She was one of the biggest fall calves at the farm." He adds, “She’s not the friendliest when you touch her legs--it’s just her personality.” 

Mariah Strauss is also vying for a top spot. She comes from a long line of farmers.

“I really enjoy it.  It’s something I’ve done since I was 6 yrs old, and I’m still doing it,” she exclaims.