Cousin of man involved in double fatal shooting speaks out

CREATED Apr 3, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 3, 2014

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MILWAUKEE- A day after the District Attorney ruled Jeremy Rossetto shot and killed two teens in self-defense, his cousin says his nightmare is far from over.

“No one wins in this situation. Two kids are gone because he had to do what he had to do to protect himself,  but he did not want to take someone else’s life," explains Rossetto's cousin, who asked to remain anonymous.
Rossetto, a maintenance worker on Milwaukee’s north side, got into a verbal confrontation with AnMarie Miller and James Bell in March. The argument escalated. Police say at one point, Bell put Rossetto in a choke hold while Miller struck the 39-year-old with a small bat. 
Fearing for his life, Rossetto pulled out his gun, shooting the two teens in the hallway.
“Now you have families that one, her kids don’t have a mom or dad. You got the parents that lost their kids and you have a relative of mine that has to live the rest of his life knowing two kids are gone because of what he had to do to protect himself."
While Rossetto is still on the mend, his cousin says the emotional scars from that fateful March afternoon may never heal.
More than anything, this woman wants the victim’s family to know her family does not dismiss their pain and loss.
“I want the families to know I am sorry, the family did not want that to happen and I hope they can heal.”