Couch on freeway causes serious crash near the Marquette Interchange

CREATED Sep 3, 2014

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  • Image by Milwaukee County Sheriff's Officer

MILWAUKEE – A pickup truck transporting a couch caused a serious crash in Milwaukee on Saturday.

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, the couch -- which was not properly secured in the open bed -- fell onto I-43 southbound near the Marquette Interchange. 

Deputies said the driver then stopped in a lane of traffic to retrieve the couch, when a driver struck the pickup truck, totaling both vehicles.

The driver of the striking vehicle was injured.

The Sheriff's Office offers the following advice to drivers transporting large objects:

  • If an item falls from your vehicle into lanes of traffic, do not attempt to retrieve it from the freeway traffic lanes. Pull over to the distress lane or nearest freeway exit, stay in your vehicle, and call 9-1-1. 
  • Keep your seatbelt on while you wait for emergency responders to arrive and safely close lanes and remove the item.
  • If you are not equipped to safely secure the items you need to transport, hire a moving company. The cost will be lower than the tickets, damaged vehicles, injury and loss of life that can occur when unsecured items cause a crash.