Corrections officer arrested for videotaping woman in locker room

CREATED Feb 3, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 5, 2014

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  • Image by Milwaukee Police Department

UPDATE: Aron Arvelo –  the former Milwaukee County Jail correctional officer accused of videotaping his female coworkers in the women’s locker room – was charged Wednesday with two felonies and four misdemeanors, according to a release from the Milwaukee Police Department.

If convicted of all charges, Arvelo would face up to 9 ½ years in prison.


MILWAUKEE - The I-Team obtained newly released search warrants which identify Aron Arvelo as the corrections officer under investigation with the Milwaukee County Sheriff Office and the district attorney. 

At the Milwaukee County jail the guards are assigned to enforce the rules for inmates.

But court papers accused Arvelo of breaking the law himself. A seven page search warrant explained how Milwaukee County Sheriff Officials discovered the hidden camera. Arvelo has not been charged yet but the case is under review, by the district attorney.

Arvelo is accused of using an “electronic key card to gain entry" into the women’s locker room. The Sheriff’s office says he installed a USB device for recording video.

During the investigation, a fellow guard said he, “witnessed Arvelo exit the women's locker room" back in November.

Another county employee revealed last summer Arvelo tossed a, “similar USB camera with a blue light underneath her skirt.”

The warrant shows Arvelo took a liking to a female employee. When they searched his locker they found a drawing of that woman. The drawing revealed the woman “wearing a MCSO uniform and bearing a unique full length tattoo on her left thigh.” That woman said she “never had shown him the depicted tattoo.”

It left investigators to believe Arvelo saw the tattoo through his recordings. Arvelo resigned from the MCSO after his arrest and days after investigators searched his West Allis apartment on West Cleveland Ave.

The district attorney is currently reviewing the case. Arvelo has not been charged yet, the case remains under review.