Controversy over pig wrestling?

CREATED Aug 8, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 8, 2014

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TOWN OF STEPHENSVILLE -- Controversy over pig wrestling? Saint Patrick's Parish in Stephensville is hosting its 44th annual round-up this weekend, but a Wisconsin-based animal advocacy group is hoping to stop the event.

One of the activities at the event includes the Pig Rassle where individuals or teams are given the task to place a pig at a designated location, according to the parish website. The challenge is typically set within a fenced area containing water and mud. 

The advocacy group claims pigs are being punched, kicked and thrown by participants, according to NBC26 in Green Bay.

Despite protests, event organizers said the accusations are untrue. 
"Anywhere from two to five or six people will get into the ring," organizer Glenn Van Handel told NBC26. "We'll size a hog accordingly."
Global Conservation Group, who started a petition against the event, has received more than 8,000 signatures.
"[There is] potential to injure the animal, which I believe that it's illegal under Wisconsin chapter 951 with crimes against animals," President Jordan Turner told NBC26.
Van Handel said they are taking strong precautions to make sure the pigs and participants stay safe.
Global Conservation Group said they have filed reports with local state and federal agencies, but there is no sign the event will be canceled.