Company apologizes for warning employee over 9/11 tribute

CREATED Sep 12, 2013

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HARTFORD - Nate Marshall admits his company made a mistake. The co-owner of Helgesen says this email debacle has been a learning experience for all.

"Digital has no spirit.. our spirit is personal. What we did was impersonal and we needed to correct it."

Marshall is now realizing the negative impact one email had on his employees and his company.

Wednesday his manager reprimanded an employee for emailing fellow employees to take a moment of silence for those that died on 9/11.

The manager responded saying this was a violation of company policy - using company email for personal use.

"The facts contained in the message are correct, however it failed to acknowledge the meaning and impact of 9/11," said Marshall. "Its an issue we regret."

Beyond Thursday's public apology, the company also took employees aside and handed each a letter acknowledging the mistake by the company.