Community takes back playground where 10-year-old was shot

CREATED Aug 17, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 18, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Hundreds of community activists took the streets on Sunday to try and put an end to the fear and violence near a playground where a young girl was shot. 

10 year-old Sierra Guyton was shot in the head at the playground near 28th and Clarke in May and died in the hospital after months of treatment. 

Activists walked from the Tabernacle Community Baptist Church to that playground to send a message: this is no place for fear. Pastor Don Darius Butler wanted the march to inspire the community. 

"This is really about our children hearing them play, hearing their joy, participating in that and letting the child in us come out today, that's what it is."

Sierra Guyton's father was in attendance, and hoped that this march was the start of something better for the community. 

"I hope we don't go to sleep on this. We got to stick to what we mean. If we come together we gotta stay together. Let the community know, this is what's gonna happen. We gotta allow these kids to play whenever they want to."

Watch the video below to see Clarke Street Elementary Principal Daryl Burns at the reclaiming of the playground: