Cold, wet spring delays planting for local farmers

CREATED Apr 24, 2014

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GERMANTOWN - Spring is technically here, but you wouldn't know it if you drive past any farms. The cold, rainy weather is delaying planting this year.

"Things don't dry out too fast; the ground temperature stays very cold. For corn to germinate, you need 50 degrees, and you don't really want to plant [when the ground is that cold] because it can mess up the plant for the rest of the year," said Frank Wiedmeyer, a farmer in Germantown.

Farmers in the area usually prefer to start planting around this time of year, but it's not clear when Mother Nature will allow that to happen.

"I think we'll be really lucky if we can get out in a week to ten days."

When the temperatures do warm up enough for farmers to start planting, it'll mean a lot of hard work.

"Once we get going it'll be a mad rush. It'll be working day and night to try to catch up," said Wiedmeyer.

But this is nothing farmers haven't had to deal with before.

"No, it's Wisconsin, you never what the heck's gonna happen. Every year is a little different."