Bartelt found guilty in death of Hartford teen Jessie Blodgett

CREATED Aug 18, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 19, 2014

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WEST BEND - A quick verdict in the case of a young Hartford woman murdered in her home.  It took a jury less than three hours to convict Daniel Bartelt of killing Jessie Blodgett.  

"Justice for Jessie," said Hartford's Police Chief in a statement after the verdict. Jessie Blodgett's love for music and passion for teaching captured the hearts of many in Hartford.
"Seems like she was very talented and had a bright future ahead of her," said Becky Kumar, a mother of three young girls. "It's very tragic that she was taken the way she was."  
Like many here, the Kumar's have been following the case. It's been 13 months since Jessie was found strangled to death in her own home. For seven days prosecutors lined up the evidence against her high school friend Daniel Bartelt.
"Not a good day for anybody," said Jessie's father Buck Blodgett before leaving the courthouse.
For Jessie's father, the verdict does not bring joy or satisfaction but a tremendous amount of sadness and sympathy for the killer's parents. 
"Nobody won, Dan's family is a beautiful family, who provided a loving environment," said Buck, fighting back tears. "They're great people. I feel horrible for them today." 
Bartelt's attorney Gary Schmaus said the the evidence didn't add up but he agreed it was a tragedy for both families. "I have compassion for both the Blodgett family and the Bartelt family for the difficult ordeal they've been through." 
Bartelt will be sentenced in October. He faces life in prison. Bartelt still faces charges of attacking another woman just days before Jessie's murder.