Dirty Dining

Sweet treats and American classics: Two places keeping it clean

CREATED Jun 26, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Whether you want a sweet treat this summer or good old American food to go with a cold beer, this week's Blue Ribbon Award winners have you covered.  Here are two spots keeping it clean in the kitchen. 

The first - Cream City Swirl in Bay View on KK.  Owner Susan Nolan started putting together this vision five years ago.  "We want that fresh feel and that nice clean sense when you walk in the shop."  
It's frozen yogurt and a little bit more. Gelato by a local manufacturer and "made to order" crepes.  "We are trying to be a little bit more creative and independent, different from the rest," Susan said.
Froyo is sticky, and all those toppings can make a mess.  "I'm kinda getting on my staff all the time, and they're doing a great job."
Cream City Swirl opened in April and started things off right, with a clean health inspection.  They get our first Blue Ribbon Award.  Jumping over to Milwaukee's south side, we have "Rookies" on Howell.  This sports club has six clean health inspections, in a row.  Something owner Randy Gibas is proud of.  "I actually am. We have a really good staff that works really hard at it."  
Gibas says he has a loyal staff that's been with him for years, and he's a tough boss.  "I think as I get older I'm becoming a little bit nicer."  To go along with your adult beverage, "Rookies" serves up steak sandwiches, burgers and pizza.  "We're really known for our pizzas on the south side of Milwaukee here,"  Gibas pointed out.
For keeping things *really* clean "Rookies" gets our second Blue Ribbon Award.