Civil War soldier from Wisconsin to receive Medal of Honor

CREATED Aug 26, 2014

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DELAFIELD - Lt. Alonzo Cushing was born in what is now Delafield and he played a huge role during a battle near Gettysburg in 1863.  Today, he's part of the curriculum at Cushing Elementary.

"Our students are very well aware of who Alonzo Cushing is and why he's so famous," Principal Rebecca Toetz told me.  "We're very proud (we have his name)."
They implored the White House to consider a Medal of Honor, according to Toetz.
"We wrote letters to President Obama persuading (him to consider) Cushing for the Medal of Honor," she explained.  "They wrote specific examples about bravery and leadership."
"Our 5th grade students will feel very empowered to be active citizens because they will see their words mattered."