City, school leaders welcome kids back to school

CREATED Sep 2, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- City and school leaders welcomed kids back to school Tuesday at Thurston Woods - even Governor Walker stopped by. The students walked the red carpet and were greeted with applause from their teachers.

"I think the red carpet idea was great,” expressed parent Andrea Burks. “I think it makes the kids more comfortable and more excited to be back at school."

While some of the kids were a little nervous about their first day back, most were all smiles, waving, and even giving out high-fives to teachers.

Andrea says her first grader was excited to see familiar faces.

"Nickayla loves school, she goes to school every day,” shares Burks. “She has perfect attendance, I think she's excited. She has her cousins and friends from school last year with her."

State Superintendent Dr. Tony Evers had a final word of encouragement to the kids and their parents.

"I encourage the parents to be sure they're actively involved not just at home,” said Dr. Evers. “They should be involved in the schools too. It's really important to your students' success."