Chunks of concrete fall from Bluemound Road overpass

CREATED May 12, 2014 - UPDATED: May 12, 2014

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WAUWATOSA - Two sisters from Milwaukee said  they're lucky to be alive after a freak accident along Highway 45 and Bluemound Rd.  

Traffic was snarled for hours Saturday after chunks of concrete fell from the Bluemound Rd. overpass.The crumbling concrete was part of the bridge.  

Brittany Demarest said one of the pieces landed right in front of her car. Her, sister Kristina was driving.  

"The cop said we probably would have died had we been going faster because it would have went through the windshield." Demarest said.

The falling concrete damaged the front of her brand new vehicle.  

The overpass was shutdown until inspectors ruled it was safe.

Demarest has insurance, but it's not clear who will pay for the damages, she expects it to be ruled a total loss.

Mike Pyritz with Wisconsin's DOT said inspectors re-examined the span for a second time Monday.
"If the bridge was not safe we would have closed it, certainly if there were any structural concerns we would have taken more aggressive actions." Pyritz said.
Pyritz said they will continue to monitor the bridge.
It is scheduled to be demolished and rebuilt this fall.