Christmas shoppers try to beat the storm

CREATED Dec. 19, 2013

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BROOKFIELD -With the threat of freezing rain and snow in the next 24 hours some shoppers were trying to get their Christmas list complete sooner than later .

Jasmine Witlow and India Smith's stop at Toy R US was a success, but the two said they were far from done and quickly headed to their next destination before the weather got worse.

Sandy Casper however says a little rain, sleet or snow would not stop her from wrapping up her holiday shopping on Friday.

" I will be up all night and I guess Kohl's department store is open 24 hours until Christmas day", said Casper.

Forecasters are already predicting up to a half foot of snow in some areas by the end of the weekend. A prediction that could cause a major headache for those traveling to grandma's house this holiday.

" I'm on vacation this week, Said Robert Schmidt," I have a son in law with a snow plow and my snow blower is ready to go."