4-year-old boy 'alive and awake' after accidental shooting

CREATED Mar 19, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 20, 2014

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UPDATE 9:49 p.m. -- The victim's uncle has identified the boy as 4-year-old Keyontist Moffett. Moffett is "alive and awake" at Children's Hospital while doctors wait for swelling on his brain to decrease.

The incident continues to affect other people in the neighborhood as well. TODAY'S TMJ4 met one man, Roosevelt Cooper, who says he feels young Keyontist's pain -- because he was also shot as a kid.

Cooper tells TODAY'S TMJ4 that he was 12 when he was accidentally shot in the head with a gun he and his friends were playing with. The bullet struck his mouth and is still in his body; doctors cannot remove it because it rests too close to his spine.

Cooper says he prays for Keyontist's full recovery, and second chance at life -- just as he has been able to survive and endure.


MILWAUKEE - A four year old boy was in grave condition Thursday evening at Children's Hospital.  Kids were playing with a gun Wednesday when it went off.

Facebook friends of the boy's mother tell us people have been reaching out to her and Thursday morning, she reached back, thanking them for their prayer.  But after a mixup, when it was wrongly reported that the boy passed away, people started posting rest in peace messages. Her words to that - stop the RIP's, my baby's fighting.

What happened inside this home near 45th and Chambers has parents clinging a little tighter to their own children.
"Ya know, we just wanna show our love and support to the family," said Tracey Dent, community activist.
Community activist Tracey Dent's a father himself. He planned to pay a visit to the four year old's family Thursday, following what police describe as an accidental shooting inside the home.
"Especially with a child as a four year old, that touches everybody, ya know, it touches the whole community," said Dent.
Sources tell us grandma was babysitting the four year old boy and his brothers and sisters in the home when the children found a gun hidden under a bed.  Not surprising, says Dent, because kids are naturally curious.
"They look at, ya know, random things in the house as toys and they play with it, and if they see a gun, they gonna play with it, pow pow, and somebody's gonna get hurt," said Dent.
Milwaukee police confirm the four year old is the one who pulled the trigger, accidentally shooting himself. Dent says tragically, it's not the first time this has happened. He advises parents lock up their guns and teach kids about the dangers of them.
Following the shooting, police took the boy's grandma into custody, but later released her.  A 35 year old man who was in the home, but not related to the boy, was arrested for a felon in possession of a weapon.  It's unclear who owns the gun. Police tell us as the investigation continues, charges could result.