Chief Flynn, Mayor Barrett call out 'remorseless, reckless criminals' after shooting

CREATED Jul 24, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 24, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Passion and perseverance from Chief Edward Flynn after another shooting involving children.  But it's not just the police chief preaching for change - he has preachers on his side too.

Residents are fed up. "Everyone wants to kill, why?" asked Tonya McCarty. She says if anyone's looking for a gun fight - sign up for the military.
"I mean the war is here. Why don't these people go and fight over in the the war in Iraq. Let them go and do all of that," said McCarty.
Chief Flynn isn't impressed with the caliber of guys with guns. This year alone 13 children have been hit by gunfire in Milwaukee.   
"They do not qualify as men," said Chief Flynn. "Just because they are scary, just because they carry guns, doesn't make them men."
Illegal guns remain the focus of MPD. Last year Chief Flynn walked TODAY'S TMJ4 through the city's gun vault packed with pistols and long guns.
As of July 6  of this year, police have confiscated 1,190 guns compared to 1,350 in New York City during the same time period. The Chief's efforts have won the backing and praise of neighborhood churches. 
"We support the police department," said Pastor Don Butler at Tabernacle Community Baptist Church. "We support all those who are taking the stand that they can bring an end to this scourge of violence.
Police say the number of illegal guns taken off the streets this year is 250 more compared to a year ago this time, a 26% increase.