Celebrating winter in Milwaukee

CREATED Jan 25, 2014

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Milwaukee -  It’s a celebration of all things winter at Winterfest. Both kids and parents enjoyed the cold-weather activities at Washington Park.

“It’s really cold but I’ve gotten used to it,” says Clarity Saigh.

It was a beautiful day to be outside. Plenty of sunshine made the cold a little more bearable.

“Well, this is the warmest day of the week,” says Katie Maedke-Hall. “We thought we’d take advantage and be able to get out in the winter fun while we have a chance.”

One of the more popular spots was a big yellow tent, because of the wood stove inside. A lot of kids crowded inside to keep warm.

“It’s not popular anymore because the dog teams have just shown up,” says Willie Karidis of the Urban Ecology Center. “It’s really fantastic though.”

The huskies may have stolen the spotlight, but Karidis is just thrilled that everyone enjoyed Winterfest.

“It’s just important to show kids how to have fun outside, and embrace the park,” adds Karidis.