Cedarburg native heads to Super Bowl as Broncos coach

CREATED Jan 21, 2014

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Mike Eubanks, 33, from Cedarburg is headed to the Super Bowl. Eubanks is a strength and conditioning coach for the Denver Broncos.

His mother, a realtor still living and working and Cedarburg, couldn't be more escatic.
"I am very proud of him. He's an extremely hard worker, loves football, and this is where his life has taken him, " said Mike's mother Patty Eubanks. "It's kind of surreal, you can't really believe it's happening."
Eubanks, a 1999 graduate of Cedarburg High School, played two positions for the team: running back and quarterback. He continued his football career at UW-Eau Claire on special teams. He moved on to coaching after graduating. He's in his 5th year in the NFL, first working for the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Patty Eubanks just returned from watching the AFC Championship game in Denver. She said it was thrilling. Her son, she said, is elated but relieved. 
Patty claims to be a Packers fan after living in Wisconsin for 18 years, but she is clearly vested in Broncos Nation.
"I guess I am a number one Broncos fan, because whoever pays my son's paycheck has my loyalty."
As Patty prepares for her trip to the Super Bowl in New York, she can't help but offer some motherly advice.
"I have told him to enjoy every minute, that this is a really exciting time of his life, not to take it for granted, you know, I am a mom. And not to get too stressed about it."