Train crossing in Pleasant Prairie sees 2 crashes in 2 weeks

CREATED Jul 8, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 8, 2014

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KENOSHA - There have now been two crashes in the same spot in Pleasant Prairie.

It's amazing that Juan Matias survived. The crash crushed his Toyota Corolla and nearly two weeks later, the struggles continue. By all accounts, Matias is a hard worker.

"On the third shift, I work for. We clean all the machines," said Matias.
Matias holds two full time jobs, putting his daughters through college. Can that fighting spirit help him recover from this nightmare?
"Sometimes he says the pain is bad, very strong," said Matias.
It won't be easy.  After our 20 minute interview, Matias is having difficulty sitting. He shows us the brace he wears and says he's on numerous pain meds.
"It was just shocking. He said this accident was just overwhelming," said Matias.
Nearly two weeks ago, the father of three awoke from this accident scene to paramedics' voices.
"What he was hearing them say is he's still alive," said Matias' brother in-law.
Matias is considering litigation. We spoke with his attorney by Facetime today.
"We're certainly looking at Emco because it appears these cars are left there for them to use and we're not sure if the railroad's responsible for clearing the track or if Emco's responsible," said Randall Knutson, Matias' attorney.
Emco tells us it's their understanding that the railroad company is responsible for putting out flags and flares to warn drivers when train cars are blocking the tracks at night. The accident happened just a month after Matias' mother in-law passed away and he says he believes in angels.
"He feels that she was definitely looking out for him and that's why he's probably here today," said Matias' brother in-law.
Pleasant Prairie's village administrator says he met with the county today, and they are in the process of putting together a plan to set up lights at the dangerous rail crossing. They have also requested crossing gates from the railroad commission.