Can you forgive Ryan Braun?

CREATED Jul 25, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Brewers Owner Mark Attanasio says Ryan Braun will have to work hard to earn back the trust of fans.

We want to know if he can earn back your trust and what he would have to do.

We've asked the question on our Facebook page.  Click Here to comment.

Some of the comments so far:

  • Paul Heun Void his BIG contract and then start over at Major league minimum and PROVE himself.
  • Steve Miller He could start with a public apology to Dino Laurenzi, the guy he blamed for the original test results coming back that way. “There were a lot of things we learned about the collector, the collection process, about the way the entire thing worked that made us very concerned and very suspicious,” Braun said in 2012. Yeah, blame the guy who handled the samples.
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  • Scot Sticha Never stopped trusting him. We are human n make mistakes, n bad decisions n choices. We all need to being so critical n hypocritical of everyone. Ill miss seeing him in the line up for the rest of the yr but i look forward to seeing him back next yr. GO BRAUN GO! BRAUN FAN FOR LIFE!
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  • Bryan Spiff Grefsheim A multimillionaire superstar like Braun blaming a delivery driver for all this when in fact Braun was guilty all along is in my opinion among the lowest that I've heard of in all of professional sports, or any other pursuit for that matter. That speaks to his character. A public apology, a cash settlement, then get out of town and don't come back would be appropriate IMHO.
  • Dona Balla Lobes Also give back the MVP. It wasnt earned and not deserved for a lyin cheater.
  • Craig Hunt He's now just another asterisk.
  • Kimberly Ann Tietyen Give back the MVP, did he REALLY deserve it afterall???
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  • Paul Mattern Never lost trust in him and if he comes back next season and bats over.300 with 35+ homeruns and 100+ RBIs all will be forgiven as far as I'm concerned. This is a lost season anyway, so now's a good time for the suspensionto let him heal upi and come back better than ever next year. I'm with Scot as a Braun fan for life!
  • Nick Harper Hell no, he's a junkie liar
  • Nick Harper Keep letting these idiots off and they'll just keep doing it
  • Jon Charles He's just another cheater, nothing is going to ever change that.
  • Carolyn Harris YES I can & will trust him again, in fact, I NEVER distrusted him ! I am human, make mistakes, have poor judgement @ times just like BRAUNY
  • Michael DeBlaey I can forgive him. Very sad for the people that can't.
  • Tammy Strangfeld Gagnon Maybe he can have a press conference like Tiger Woods did. He can say what he wants, not take any questions and get right back into the game. People forgave him and I am sure the majority of people will get over this too.
  • Cindy Mintner Fans will eventually. I will. He's still a great player and if he didn't have those qualities, even using PED's, he wouldn't of been able to achieve what he did. PED's doesn't make you a super star. You have to have the ability. He lied, should of "owned" up to it right away. But let's wait until we get the entire story. GO BREWERS