Caledonia rescue owner faces criminal charges

CREATED May 30, 2014 - UPDATED: May 30, 2014

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CALEDONIA - The Racine County district attorney tells us charges could be filed by Tuesday against the owner of Orphan Kanines in Caledonia.  Ahead of that date, the state brought Debra Gray into court on Friday for a probable cause hearing.

Debra Gray appeared via closed circuit t.v. with her attorney - described as a woman with the best of intentions.
"My mom's passionate about this. She's the only one in Racine that's a true no-kill. She should be able to keep doing what she's doing," said Ravann Lacuran, Gray's daughter.
Gray's daughter and mother say she's poured her entire life savings into taking care of unwanted pets.
"She has put thousands of dollars in her money to this. In a year, depleted her whole 401K," said Ravann Lacuran and Marilyn Checki.
Orphan Kanines was reportedly licensed for just 25 dogs. Police say they found 80, along with nine cats and two pigs, standing in feces and drinking out of water bowls full of feces.  Caledonia police officer Pete Danowski could smell ammonia outside the building.
"It was just overwhelming. I haven't seen anything that bad my entire 28 years here," said Officer Danowski.
This little sweetheart is one of the dogs that was rescued yesterday. He's just six weeks old and you can hear he's coughing. He's got an upper respiratory infection.
The Wisconsin Humane Society's now housing all 91 animals found in three separate locations. It's a clean place to sleep and eat, and a chance to get a little cleaned up.
"I think the emotional part if um, just trying to come to terms with somebody who's legitimately well intentioned. But you have to move past those feelings and focus on the reality of what your job is and that's caring for those animals from this point forward," said Alison Kleibor, Wisconsin Humane Society.
Anyone interested in keeping track of these rescued dogs, cats and pigs can follow the Wisconsin Humane Society on Facebook where they plan to keep the public updated. Live in Racine, Michele Fiore, Today's TMJ4.