Bystanders help couple stuck in car on fire

CREATED Jun 4, 2014

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 BELOIT -- Firefighters in Beloit are congratulating two good samaritans who helped a couple stuck in a burning car. 

Jim Fregeau and his wife were driving on Henry Avenue on Wednesday when the car stopped running. Brendan Golden was helping the couple by puishing the car out of traffic when, according to the Fire Department in Beloit, Golden noticed flames coming from the front of the car. 

According to the report, the Fregeau couple were not able to unlock the doors or escape the car through the windows. 

Golden and a second bystander - Kerry Mann - sprang into action and were able to break two of the windows in order to get the couple out of the car. 

Neither Mr. Fregau nor his wife were injured in the incident. 

A spokesperson for the Beloit Fire Department said that if Golden and Mann did not act, "the outcome of this incident could have been much worse."