Butler police officers suing village, county

CREATED Feb 19, 2014

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BUTLER -- Two Butler police officers are suing the Village of Butler and Waukesha County for mishandling an investigation they asked for.

Waukesha Sheriff's Office investigators found Officer Chad Rahn and Lieutenant Brian Pergande, along with police chief Michael Cosgrove, used racist and sexist slurs on the job, surfed porn, and generally wasted taxpayer money by misusing their time. Rahn and Pergande asked for the investigation of their chief but didn't know they would be investigated themselves.
Chief Cosgrove retired before the probe finished.
Officer Rahn was suspended briefly but is back on the job. Pergande is on paid administrative leave. The two men have now filed a lawsuit against the Village of Butler and Waukesha County, saying while investigating the chief, they too became targets, which they say is illegal. 
Village administrators hadn't yet received the federal lawsuit and didn't want to comment on something they hadn't seen.
The lawsuit does not specify how much money the officers are seeking for their suffering.