Butler police officer faces suspension

CREATED Apr 29, 2014

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BUTLER - Another Butler police officer is facing suspension. Officer Chad Rahn was suspended for 20 days.

He's accused of failing to file nearly 150 police reports from 2004 to 2011, according to Village Administrator Kayla Chadwick.

Three were possible felony cases and 36 were misdemeanors. All are now past the statute of limitations. 

The chief suspended Rahn for 20 days without pay.

"If I had done that on my job I would have been fired," said Butler resident Bill Thompson, "and I had to do a lot reports - filled out a lot paper work for years."

The suspension came a week after Rahn and another police employee sued the village after last year's so called porn in the morn scandal.

Officers were accused of watching porn on the job.

Rahn sued in February claiming the department discriminated against them for being whistler blowers.

Officer Rahn says he is not able to talk about the specifics of the suspension and tell his side of the story but his union is appealing the length of the suspension.

The Village Administrator says the suspension and lawsuit are not connected, and public safety is not at risk.

"We are 100% confident in the officers we have on duty" said Chadwick,"and that issues are addressed whether they are 9-1-1 calls or nuisance complaints."

But the the police union says it is worried "Officer Rahn will not be able to have a fair and unprejudiced hearing" during his appeal May 12.