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Burlington's airport keeps pilots busy

CREATED May 23, 2014

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BURLINGTON - For pilots, there's nothing better than hopping in that single engine Cesna and taking flight.  That's what many do at the Burlington Municipal Airport.  

"We'll get all kinds of planes in here," Airport Manager Gary Meisner told me.  "The airport is totally self sufficient, it runs a surplus.  The fuel is all self served.  It's just like gong to the gas station."
Pilots come from all over, according to Meisner.  
"Pilots are crazy," he laughed.  "They like to fly somewhere to eat.  They come (to Burlington) for lunch."
Meisner's business Meisner Aircraft is located at the airport.  The company buys and sells corporate jets. 
"We buy them, fix 'em up, and sell 'em again," Meisner explained.