Burke gets $12,500 from Jim Doyle, wife

CREATED Feb 3, 2014

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Former Gov. Jim Doyle personally donated $5,000 to the gubernatorial campaign of his one-time Commerce Department secretary Mary Burke in her quest to knock off Republican Gov. Scott Walker.
Burke's campaign finance report also show that Doyle's campaign committee donated another $2,500 and Doyle's wife, Jessica, gave an additional $5,000.
The $10,000 donations from Jim and Jessica Doyle were made just a week after Burke got into the race in October.
In total, Burke collected $1.8 million in less than three months. Walker, over the last six months of last year, raised $5.1 million.
Walker's report shows that part of his $2.7 million in expenses over that time was $86,000 in legal fees to the Biskupic & Jacobs law firm, headed by former U.S. Attorneys Steven Biskupic and Michelle Jacobs.