Burglar caught in former sheriff's home

CREATED Dec. 12, 2013

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  • Image by MGN Online

 FOX LAKE -- A man got caught this earlier this week when he tried to burglarize a home belonging to a former sheriff. 

Todd Nehls says it happened around 11 AM on Wednesday. He had been called to check on a rental property, and the burglar broke in while the house was empty. 

Nehls told the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen the man was "calculated," and tried to make it look as if a robbery had never taken place.

Nehls' son Taylor - currently a Dodge County Sheriff's deputy, came home while the thief was in the act. Taylor disarmed the burglar, and was able to hold the suspect until more help arrived.

Police are investigating if the man who tried to rob Nehls is connected to a string of daytime burglaries in the are - police departments in Mayville and Columbus have also reported at least five similar incidents occuring during daylight hours.