'Buckets full' of Asian Stink Bugs headed to Wisconsin

CREATED Oct 3, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 3, 2013

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MADISON - The Asian Stink Bug is showing up in Wisconsin. The little stinky bugs have been a huge problem out east. Now they're moving inland.

"We're going to have buckets full of these things coming in if they do what they've done in Maryland and Pennsylvania and that's not going to be fun," said UW bug expert Phil Pellitteri.

The stink bugs aren't all that different from stink bugs that have always lived in Wisconsin. But these bugs come with friends.

"In the fall of the year, on the sunny side of the house, when they start congregating by the hundreds, that will get your attention," Pellitteri said.

If you try to get rid of them, they'll make you wish you hadn't.

"They have glands on their body that when you disturb them, they give off a foul odor," Pellitteri says, adding they can make your house stink for a couple of days at a time.

The Asian Stink Bug has already been found in several places in Wisconsin, including in Jefferson County.