Brutal winter leaves a lot of work to be done on area golf courses

CREATED Mar 25, 2014

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WAUWATOSA - Because of the winter weather, golf course owners will have a lot to do when they open.  The cold weather has done a number of the greens.  To find out just how close we might be, we spoke with the turf manager at Currie Park.

It's no longer winter, but this spring sport's on hold for now.

 “People are calling and we just keep, just be patient as soon as possible we’ll get golfers out, really depends upon the weather," said Jon Canavan, golf and recreational turf manager at Currie Park.

Brutal temps and high snow totals this winter forced Jon Canavan to keep close watch on Currie Park.

“Just being vigilant, just watching what’s going on, um, during the winter we do go out and do spot checks, we’ll dig the snow up, make sure there’s not ice forming, which thankfully this year there was not," said Canavan.

Last year, Milwaukee parks opened their courses around April 1st. That may not happen this year, but golfers at the dome are getting ready nonetheless.

“Yea when you drive by the course, ya know, you wanna get out there and play.  Tell me about spring fever for golfers? Spring fever? Yea, everybody’s itching for it, no question about it, and then you wake up and you see the snow on the ground again this morning and you say, oh man," said Tim Meyer, Milwaukee golfer.

As golfers from the dome walk past the course with wishful thinking, we thought we’d show you a closer look at what you’ve got out here today. There are still chunks of ice and a little bit of snow.

“There is still some snow out in pockets and we’ll see how things melt off, and hopefully soon," said Canavan.

Canavan tells golfers to watch the nighttime temps. When the overnight lows are above freezing, then golf courses open pretty quickly after that.