Brookfield students warned over 'Nerf wars'

CREATED Apr 2, 2014

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BROOKFIELD - It's a spring tradition that pits upperclassmen against each other - "Senior-Junior Wars." The high school pranks can sometimes go a little too far.

"The first thing they talk about is toilet papering, that has been going on forever, but this whole paranoia game is pretty crazy," says Carol Kozminski.
The Nerf ball tag game requires students to carry Nerf guns loaded, hiding for cover and lurking in backyards - sometimes entering people’s homes unannounced.

"I understand going in other people’s houses and catching them by surprise - and in this day and age that is not a good thing," said Jim Jensen.
The Elmbrook School District, along with the Brookfield Police Department, are warning students and parents of the consequences students face if caught playing these late-night games.
"They could be expelled if they are in sports, they could be kicked off the team. It is pretty steep," says Kozminski.
Kozminski is already planning to have a talk with her Junior daughter Wednesday night.
"I don’t think she is going to be partaking in any of that."