Brewers outfielder Gomez, Fort Atkinson teen becoming fast friends

CREATED May 28, 2014 - UPDATED: May 28, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Jordan Hynum can't help but cry every time she sees Carlos Gomez. It's been caught on camera many times. 

"He wasn't even walking my way yet, and I just started crying," she says. "Now, I'm known as the girl who cried on TV."
The 15-year-old from Fort Atkinson is making national news for her tears of joy and budding friendship with the Milwaukee Brewers' outfielder.
Jordan met Gomez while trying to get his autograph at a game last year. She told him she was his biggest fan, and ever since, he's gone out of his way for her.
"I cry because I'm an emotional person, but also, because I'm so honored," she says. "He has so many fans, yet he's taken the time to meet me and do all of these wonderful things for me for no good reason."
He's given her the hat off his head, and his lucky bat. And on Tuesday, Gomez invited her to sit front row at the Brewers game. 
"That was cool enough as it is," Jordan says. "That would have been good for the night."
But the big surprise came when Gomez brought her out for the ceremonial first pitch. The stadium erupted in cheers, as she was put on the stadium's big screen. 
"I was so nervous," she says. "Everybody was watching and I really didn't want to mess it up."
She did the opposite, and nailed it. Gomez, who acted as catcher, called it a strike. He also autographed the ball she threw, which is now displayed proudly in Jordan's bedroom.
And this time, for the first time, there were no tears! A sign that she might just be getting used to being around her idol and new best friend.
"He's done way more than I could ever have expected," she says. "I'm so grateful. I'll never forget any of this."
Jordan has been credited with helping show a softer side of Gomez, who served a three-game suspension for his role in a bench-clearing brawl at a game in Pittsburgh last month.