Brewers fans wake up early to find perfect tailgating spot

CREATED Mar 31, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- The parking lots at Miller Park filled up quickly Monday morning, and many people got there well before the lots officially opened to get the perfect tailgating spot.

"It's baseball. It's the start of spring," Brewers fan Ismael Lopez said. "The snow is melting. We get out of hibernation and there's something special about watching the Brewers."

One group arrived early for practical reasons - reminding us all the importance of prime real estate for parking.  

"We have a strategy. We have 25 tickets and 75 people coming to the tailgate," said Patrick Finger, a Brewers season ticket holder. "We need to jockey for a position."

The pre-tailgate tailgate reached other locations too, some fans parked themselves at the Kelly's Bleachers tent party that opened at 6 a.m.

"I was too excited to sleep," said Jon Stemkowski, a third generation Brewers fan. "I couldn't sleep anymore. It's like Christmas for me today. I just can't wait."

A lot of folks had different opinions about how the Brewers would fare this season, but everyone agreed that Opening Day should be a national holiday.