Brewers fans of all ages enjoy Opening Day

CREATED Mar 31, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- You’re never too young to become a Brewers fan.

Baby Christian is already showing his love for the Brewers. He’ll be three months old next week.

“I’m a big Brewers fan,” explains mom Tracy Behrendt. “So some friends of mine gave us a whole bunch of Brewers shirts. The one he’s wearing says“designated napper,” which he’ll probably do for most of the game.”

It’s also older brother, Ben’s first time here at Opening Day. He has his own unique twist on tailgating.

“I’m a pastor from Waupaca,” explains dad Andy Behrendt. “Sometimes we dip the wafers in the wine. I don’t know if he decided to do that tailgate style with the potato chips and the wine our friends brought here.”

His baby brother spent most of the day napping!

“Hopefully he’ll be happier than this when they win,” laughs his mom.

Another first-timer we met admitted he wasn’t supposed to be here!

“I took a personal day today,” reveals Devin Holland of Waterford. “This is a little more important.”

His tailgating plan?

“Meeting as much girls as we can! Eating as much food as we can!” adds Holland.