Police: Woman found dead in Watertown was homicide victim

CREATED May 30, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 2, 2014

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UPDATE: An autopsy was performed on May 31. Police are now investigating the death as a homicide.

Police said a specific cause of death will not be released as the investigation continues.

"The crime was not a random act and the general public is not at risk," Watertown police chief Tim Roets said.


WATERTOWN -- A family's hope turns to despair, when a missing mom is found dead in her car.

Heather Stewart, 28, of Clyman, never showed up for work at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc Wednesday night. 
She called the hospital to say she was running ten minutes late for her nursing job. That was the last time anyone heard from the mother of four.
Her brother, Joshua, confirms she was found dead in Watertown Friday morning. But investigators are not yet saying how she died, or if they suspect foul play.
"She never would have left her kids," says Heather's best friend, Amanda Runyard. "She would not have done that on her own. Something bad happened."
Heather's loved ones have shifted their search for Heather, to a search for answers.
She was found dead in her car behind a vacant building in the 600 block of South Church Street in Watertown.
Police scoured the parking lot for clues.
"It just doesn't make sense," Joshua says. "To be here one day, then just disappear. We are still trying to process this."
Heather's family is trying to be strong for her children. The youngest is only two-years-old.
"My parents had to break it to them today, that they'll never see their mother again," Joshua says, while choking back tears. "And my parents are devastated. She was their only daughter."
Even in their grief, they're praying for some sense of closure.
"I just hope that anybody who has any information at all comes forward," Amanda says. "Someone had to have seen her in the past couple days. We need to solve this."
Watertown Police will only confirm that a dead body was found in a car.
Meanwhile, Heather's family has set up a memorial fund to help with funeral costs. If you'd like to donate, click here.