Dirty Dining

Chinese takeout, Italian dining earn Blue Ribbon awards

CREATED May 22, 2014

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Chinese takeout or the flavors and ambiance of Italy?  These two spots in Wauwatosa have spotless health inspections.

Our first Blue Ribbon winner is China East on 68th and State - a family-owned takeout business with no problems on its health inspection.  
"We have to clean all the time," owner Rick Ren said.  He has nothing but praise for everyone who works here.  
The inspector noted "Cleaning very good.  Nice work." For that, China East gets our first Blue Ribbon award.
Just up the road in downtown Tosa, and also on State Street, is Ristorante Bartolotta.  They've been 21 years now and still doing good business.  "We're not trying to put a modern spin on Italian.  We're just trying to do what they do in Italy," wine director and manager, Todd Hasselbacher, pointed out.  He gave us a quick tour starting with the chairs that are actually from Italy.
When things get busy in the kitchen Hasselbacher calls it "controlled chaos."  Something they handle well.  He reminded us they never know when health inspectors will show up, "it's always a surprise.  We kind of have to keep on top of it every day."
For its clean health inspection, Ristorante Bartolotta gets our second Blue Ribbon award.